Mrs. Ruul

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Mrs. Ruul







Mayor Ruul (husband)

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Mme Ruul (Mrs. Ruul)
Spain Español Sra. Ruul (Mrs. Ruul)
Germany Deutsch Frau Ruul (Mrs. Ruul)
Italy Italiana Mrs. Ruul

Mrs. Ruul is a character from Oracle of Seasons. She resides within her Villa in the Holodrum Plain. She constantly complains about the stifling heat, noting her Soothing Pool is unable to cool her.[1] When Link shows her the Ghastly Doll, she remarks it frightens her so much the chill travelling down her spin cools her.[2] Mrs. Ruul gives Link with the Iron Pot, the fourth item in the Trading Sequence, for the Noble Sword.[3] She jokingly remarks that Link can take a swim in her pool after obtaining the Ghastly Doll.[4]



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  2. "Oh, my! That doll! It's so ghastly it gives me chills! Let me have it! :›OK ›No way" — Mrs. Ruul, Oracle of Seasons.
  3. "Smart boy! Here! Take this fine Iron Pot!" — Mrs. Ruul, Oracle of Seasons.
  4. "What? Wasn't my thanks enough? If you can swim, take a dip!" — Mrs. Ruul, Oracle of Seasons.