Soothing Pool

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Soothing Pool



The Soothing Pool is a location found in Oracle of Seasons. It is located in the Holodrum Plain within Mrs. Ruul's abode. Mrs. Ruul complains about the excessive heat plaguing her, saying not even her famed Soothing Pool can cool her.[1] When Link shows her the Ghastly Doll, her fright chills her.[2] To show her thanks, she rewards the hero in green with the Iron Pot,[3] the fourth item in the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence.


  1. "Oh, it's so hot! Even sitting by my prized Soothing Pool doesn't help! I need something creepy to send chills down my spine..." — Mrs. Ruul, Oracle of Seasons.
  2. "Oh, my! That doll! It's so ghastly it gives me chills! Let me have it! :›OK ›No way" — Mrs. Ruul, Oracle of Seasons.
  3. "Smart boy! Here! Take this fine Iron Pot!" — Mrs. Ruul, Oracle of Seasons.