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Master Diver
Sprite of the Master Diver









The Master Diver is a character in Oracle of Seasons. He resides in a cave in the Sunken City on the east end of Holodrum and claims that he is a master in the art of diving. Link must first obtain his Master's Plaque before he can reward him with the Flippers.

Diver Secret

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In a Linked game of Oracle of Ages, Link will find the Master Diver's Pupil, located on the beach above Zora Village. Upon talking to him, the pupil will tell Link a secret to tell to the Master Diver. Back in Oracle of Seasons, Link can find the Master Diver in the house at the west end of the Sunken City, near the entrance from the Natzu region.

After tell the Master Diver the secret, Link can partake in a challenge to earn his reward. He will need to swim through the course and reach the end in 30 seconds or less. The trick here is to take the most efficient route possible, while also avoiding using his sword to fight enemies whenever possible. If Link reaches the end within 30 seconds, the Master Diver will reward Link with a Magical Ring. When appraised, this becomes the Swimmer's Ring.