Holodrum Graveyard Ghini

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Holodrum Graveyard Ghini

The Holodrum Graveyard Ghini is a character inOracle of Seasons. The Ghini will only appear after Link has already defeated Onox.

Graveyard Secret

Main article: Graveyard Secret

In a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages, after Link has completed Spirit's Grave, a Ghini will appear at the northeast portion of Yoll Graveyard. Link can Speak to the ghost and he'll tell him a secret.[1] The Ghini mentions that in Holodrum's Graveyard, there is one grave that has no flowers. There is a Ghini inside of this grave and if Link tells it a secret, something good will happen.[2]

In Holodrum, one screen south of Explorer's Crypt, there are 8 graves. During the Spring time, 7 of them have flowers, while one does not. Link can use the Shovel to dig the spot just above the second grave from the left, on the top row. Inside this secret cave, Link will give the Ghini. Link can tell the Ghini the secret this will start a test, of which if Link passes, the Ghini promises to increase Link's strength.[3] Link will need to successfully guess if there are more Red or Blue ghinis on the screen. After successfully guessing all three rounds, the Ghini will reward Link with a Heart Container.[4]



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