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Din Oracle.png
Artwork of Din from Oracle of Seasons


Oracle of Seasons






Oracle of Seasons
The Minish Cap
Hyrule Town

Din is the Oracle of Seasons who appears in Oracle of Seasons and The Minish Cap.


Oracle of Seasons

Din is kidnapped by the villainous Onox, the General of Darkness. Link first encounters her dancing at a festival nearby Horon Village.

Oracle of Ages

Din is known throughout the land of Holodrum as a great dancer. More importantly, but unknown to most, Din is also the Oracle of Seasons.

If Link has already completed his quest in Oracle of Seasons, Din appears just after Link defeats Veran. At this point, Impa informs Link that Twinrova have captured Princess Zelda. Together, Din and Nayru use their powers to open a portal, sending Link to the Room of Rites. Here, Link makes his final stand against Twinrova and, ultimately, the evil king Ganon himself.

After Link has defeated Ganon, Din suggests that she and Link dance together again sometime.

The Minish Cap

Din also makes an appearance in The Minish Cap. She, along with Nayru and Farore, are looking for a house in Hyrule Town. Once Link finds her one, she offers him Din's Charm. To receive it, Link must have one Empty Bottle to place it in, but he is only able to carry one of her charms at a time and they are free. Additionally, Din's Charm boosts Link's attack for a limited time, making Link's tunic red.