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Strata is a character that appears within The Minish Cap. He lives in the Tower of Winds where he can be found on the 1st floor. He stands right next to the portal that is created only if Link previously fused Kinstones with the Stranger from Hyrule Town.

Strata tells Link that here within the tower dwell the people of the Wind Tribe. They once lived down at the surface world but built the tower to server a greater duty. They now protect the Palace of Winds where the Wind Element lies.[1]

Strata]] and Stranger have an identical appearance, perhaps indicating there is some sort of relation between the two.


In the Official Strategy Guide, the character is referred to as Strata. However, Strata is never referred to by name in the game. Furthermore, within the games text, there is a character known as Strato. As many of the characters of the Wind Tribe are named after weather related elements, it is possible that Strata is a shortened name for Stratosphere or Stratus Cloud.


  1. "In this house dwell the people of the Wind Tribe. We left your surface world long ago. We protect the gate to the Palace of Winds, where the Wind Element lies." — Strata, The Minish Cap.