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Wind Tribe
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The Wind Tribe are the guardians of the Wind Element in The Minish Cap. They live up on the clouds in the Tower of Winds. They moved from the land of Hyrule to the skies so that the Wind Element would be safer. Because of this, the Wind Tribe has two dungeons that involve them, the Fortress of Winds and the Palace of Winds.

Fortress of Winds

Besides it being the third dungeon in The Minish Cap, the Fortress of Winds was their first home that they left behind. When they moved to the skies, they left the Ocarina of Wind so that the chosen hero may use it to summon Zeffa and go to any Wind Crest in Hyrule.

Palace of Winds

The Palace of Winds is the fifth dungeon in The Minish Cap above their current home in the skies. Here, the Wind Tribe has placed Roc's Cape for whoever comes to the Palace. In this dungeon lies the Wind Tribe's Wind Element.