Palace of Winds (The Minish Cap)

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Palace of Winds





Red Darknut





The Palace of Winds is the fifth dungeon in The Minish Cap and is the location of the Wind Element, the final element required to restore the Four Sword. It is very similar to Vaati's Palace.

The Palace of Winds is divided into two parts: outdoors, which Link must navigate through first, and indoors. Link will retrieve Roc's Cape early on in the dungeon, which is unique to the Palace of Winds, and he will use it frequently to discover new places within the dungeon. Also unique to the Palace of Winds, it contains two doors on which the Big Key must be used, one to enter the mini-boss room, and the other to enter the boss room. The Dungeon Map and Compass are found relatively late in the dungeon, as they are found in the indoor section.

After completing the indoor section of the dungeon, Link will be taken outdoors briefly before heading up a vortex to the boss fight, the Gyorg Pair. After completing the boss fight which takes place entirely in the air, Link can finally claim the Wind Element.