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Bob-ombs (ボムへい, Bomuhei) are another enemy from the Super Mario series that make cameo appearances in Four Swords and The Minish Cap. These walking Bombs are based on the enemy from the Mario series with the same name, and resemble the Bombite from Link's Awakening. However, unlike Bombite; the Bob-ombs does not show the visible timer countdown on their body before exploding. They also will not explode immediately on contact with a second slash with the Sword.


Four Swords

In Four Swords, Bob-ombs will harm Link if they touch him. In order to defeat them, Link has to hit them with his Sword to stun them; unlike other appearances, they can be hit an unlimited number of times without exploding. If Link hits them while they are stunned, they will bounce around. To actually take them out, he will have to throw them into fire, which is always present near Bob-ombs. This will light their fuse and they will run around like mad, harming Link upon contact, and eventually exploding, harming everything in the vicinity.

The Minish Cap

Bob-ombs are walking Bombs that will become active when swiped with the Sword. Once activated, they will light their fuse and will run around the room like maniacs before exploding. Swipe them once more while they are running around will stun them for a few seconds. Link can then pick them up and throw them like a regular Bomb against enemies or fragile walls. Shooting Arrows at Bob-ombs will instantly defeat them. Sucking them into the Gust Jar allows Link to launch them at walls and enemies, but they will detonate a few seconds after being sucked up.

BobOmb-Figurine.gif Appears in dungeons. They often gather in groups in narrow areas. Once activated, they go a little crazy. Take them out with arrows.

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