Chambers of Insight

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Chambers of Insight
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Level 1
Ball and Chain Soldier
Spiked Beetle

Level 2

Magnetic Glove Tutorial

Boomerang Tutorial

Pegasus Boots Tutorial

Bow Tutorial
Eyegore Statue

Final Tutorial
Rupee Like
Ice Wizzrobe

The Chambers of Insight is a location featured in Four Swords and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition.


The Chambers of Insight is the first area of the game and is accessible right away without any other prerequisites. It is here that the multiple Links will learn the basics of the game, including how to solve a variety of simple puzzles and basic combat against a variety of enemies. Players will need to work together to solve the various puzzles encountered.

The main chamber within the level has Warp Portals that lead to specific levels that are focused around particular items or abilities.

Level 1

The first level of the Chambers of Insight gives Link the basics on several of the collectibles, abilities, and basic mechanics.

  • Rupees - Rupees are shared amongst all players and if one of the players faints, it will cost 50 Rupees to revive them. Each subsequent time a player falls, the amount of rupees it costs to revive them goes up. A bonus is given at the end to the player who collects the most rupees.[1]
  • Mystical Seeds - Razor Seeds, Armor Seeds, and Pegasus Seeds can be found and they will bost Link's sword power, defense, and walking speed, respectively.[2]
  • Sword - The sword can be used at anytime by pressing 'B'. Link can hold the 'B' button down and perform a Spin Attack.[3] The Fairy here also teaches Link to step on switches and that certain switches will require Link to remain standing on it to keep it pressed down.
  • Block Pushing - Small suspicious blocks can be pushed by Link, but larger blocks will require cooperation from multiple Links. When playing in single player mode, you'll need to Press X to have the two Links come together.[4]
  • Rupee Shard - Link can open treasure chests by pressing A. Some chests have Rupee Shards in them, and sometimes enemy will also drop Rupee Shards. If Link collects four of them a giant Rupee worth 500 Rupees will appear.[5]
  • Sword Spark - If two Links slash their swords together in front of a torch, it will light a fire.[6]
  • Switches - Sometimes Link will need to press down multiple switches at the same time. This can be done with multiple Links, but also with statues.[7]
  • Big Switches and Keys - Some switches require multiple Links to step on them at one time. Locked doors can be opened with Small Keys that Link finds.[8]
  • Locked Blocks - Small Keys can also be used to unlock locked blocks.[9]
  • Water - Link can swim in deep water, but can only get out of water by first moving towards the shallow water. He can dive underwater as well, but should avoid getting sucked in by whirlpools.[10]
  • Currents and Rapids - In the water, darker blue moving water are currents that if Link swims rapidly, he can make it by them. The lighter colored moving water are rapids, which are too strong for Link to swim by.[11]
  • Cracked Walls - Large cracked walls block Links path. Link can break these cracked walls by slashing away with his sword, although it does take quite a few slashes.[12]
  • Items - Some items can be found on pedestals that Link can exchange with the current item he is holding. Link can only ever hold one item at a time. Certain enemies are not vulnerable to Link's sword and can only be defeated using the Shield.[13]
  • Gnat Hat - When Link wears a Gnat Hat, he becomes very small and can fit through tiny holes.[14]
  • Colored Tiles - In certain areas, only the appropriate colored Link will be able to walk on his same colored tiles. Other Links will fall right through if they try to walk on those tiles.[15] In some cases, some colored tiles are only visible to same colored Link. However, in these cases, the tiles still can be walked over, even if Link is a different color.[16]
  • Controllable Platforms - Some moving platforms have arrows on them. If Link stands on a particular arrow, the platform will move in that direction.[17]
  • Small Balls - There are a series of small balls, as well as holes in the walls. Link will need to strike his sword, or simply walk into the balls, to get them into the respective holes to earn some rupees.[18]
  • Bonus - When reaching the end of a level, Link can step into the warp zone to return to the previous floor. You may receive a bonus if you were able to complete the dungeon quick enough.[19][20]

Level 2

The second level of the Chambers of Insight has slightly more advanced mechanics, including how to defeat some of the more unique enemies found in Four Swords.

  • Lifting Objects - Link can Press A to pickup Grass, a Rock, or a Pot. He can press A once again to toss it.[21] Larger rocks can be lifted, but Link will need to work with a partner.[22] Link can even lift other Link's the same way. He can toss his partner across gaps, allowing them to reach further areas otherwise inaccessible.[23]
  • Fighting Hikkun - Some enemies will require Link to first pull them apart. Enemies known as Hikkun can be stunned with your sword, but Link will then need to pull them apart. Each partner will need to grab a side and pull, defeating the enemy.[24]
  • Fighting Bob-omb - Some enemies cannot be defeated just with Link's sword, including the Bob-omb. Link can strike the enemy to stun it, but will need to lift it up and toss it towards a flame, causing it to light up and eventually explode.[25]
  • Pulling Objects - There are sometimes handles on a wall that Link will need to pull back. He can grab them with A and press away from the wall to pull back on the handle.[26] Other times, Link will need to pull other objects, such as Statues. Link similarly can grab the statue with A and pull back.[27]
  • Fighting Nokkun - Some enemies, such as Nokkun will require two Links to work together. After being stunned with a sword attack, one Link can pick up the Nokkun. Link can then toss the enemy towards another Link. While it is gliding down, it is vulnerable and the other Link can slash to defeat it.[28]
  • Crystals - There are some shining blue crystals that Link will fine. He can lift them up and place them in other pedestals. This will cause treasure chests to appear, or for nearby doors to unlock.[29]

Magnetic Glove Tutorial

During the Magnetic Glove tutorial level, Link will uses the gloves polarity to pull himself across distant gaps.[30] Link can also used the gloves to repel himself across gaps.[31] The Magnetic Glove can also be used to pull a companion towards you.[32] The gloves also have the ability to effect enemies and Link can use the gloves to pull off the masks of Helmasaur enemies.[33]

A more complicated use of the Magnetic Glove involves two Links. Link with the Magnetic glove can pull another Link towards him, even if there is a wall in between them. While the magnetic is pulling the other Link, the first Link can walk and will continue to pull his partner with him. Using this technique, one of the Link's can pull a Link over a gap that he would otherwise be unable to cross.[34]

Roc's Cape Tutorial

The Roc's Cape tutorial will teach Link how to glide with the item, as well as perform different abilities. Link and jump and glide by holding down the Y button. While in the air, if Link presses the B button, he'll perform a Down Thrust attack.[35] Link can also uses Roc's Cape to jump through gates to reach higher elevations.[36] Link will need to use Roc's Cape to jump across gaps onto moving platforms in order to reach the Warp Portals at the exit.

Bomb Tutorial

The Bomb tutorial teaches Link how to use Bombs to blowup cracked blocked, as well as how to pick up bombs and toss them over shorter walls.[37][38] Bombs can also be used to blast open cracked walls.[39] Some walls are not clear that they can be blown up, but if Link taps them by holding out his sword, he'll hear an odd noise.[40] Link can also toss bombs over gaps in order for them to blowup and activate distance switches.[41]

For some puzzles, Link will need to use a single Bomb, but with multiple Links. He can pickup a Bomb and toss it towards another Link. That other Link can then pick up the bomb and move it to a desirable location. In the Bomb Tutorial, one of the Link's will use a Gnat Hat to reach a different area and the Links will need to toss a bomb to one another in order to solve a puzzle.[42]

Boomerang Tutorial

The Boomerang tutorial teaching the basic mechanics of the Boomerang, including using the weapon to retrive items that are out of reach.[43] Link can also use the Boomerang to hit levers or switches that are in the distance.[44] Link will also have to use his Boomerang to defeat enemy Zols that are across a gap and not reachable with his sword.

Pegasus Boots Tutorial

The Pegasus Boots tutorial teaches you the various mechanics with the boots. Link can use the Boots to run quickly, but can also push his companions if they are in the way. Link can also use the Pegasus Boots to run up slippery slopes that he couldn't otherwise climb up.[45] Link can also use the Pegasus Boots to pop rubbery obstacles that block his way.[46][47]

Bow Tutorial

The Bow level provides an introduction on how to use the Bow and Arrow. While still very introductary, this includes using the Bow to hit switches or activating Eyegore Statues.[48][49] Some of the puzzles require Link to hit multiple eye switches in a short amount of time. This is more easily done by using multiple Links at the same time.[50] Some puzzles will require Link to hit targets while on a moving platform.

Final Tutorial

The Final Tutorial is in the center of the Chambers of Insight and this level makes use of many of Link's different abilities. The Final Tutorial is broken down into several smaller levels, which is on par with the makeup of the remainder of the game. At the end of the tutorial, it will show which Link has gathered the most rupees, making this more of a competitive tutorial. This stage utilizes everything Link has learned in all of the previous tutorials in the Chambers of Insight.

This first level will require two Links to work together to step on switches, toss Link across gaps, push blocks, and pull levers. Link will navigate moving platforms and utilize items he finds including the Boomerang and Pegasus Boots. There are only a few enemies found in this tutorial, including a Rupee Like, a Zol and several Ropes.

The second level has more advanced basic puzzles, including navigating controllable platform, lifting larger rocks, and using Roc's Cape to glide gaps. Link will also need to use other items that he finds, including the Bow, Bombs, and Magnetic Gloves. Link will encounter some enemy Gel, as well as an enemy Ice Wizzrobe.


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