Gust Jar

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Gust Jar



The Minish Cap
Deepwood Shrine
Tri Force Heroes
Item Podiums


Blowing gusts of air for various purposes


The Gust Jar is an item in The Minish Cap and Tri Force Heroes.

The Minish Cap


The Gust Jar in The Minish Cap resembles a blue jar with tiny wings on the rim that rotate upon use. The Gust Jar is found in the Deepwood Shrine after defeating the mini-boss of the dungeon. It has the ability suck up pots, certain items and enemies. Though it does not deal damage directly, it is very useful for battle tactics such as de-arming a Helmasaur, making it weak to sword attacks. Many puzzles in The Minish Cap require the use of this item. It is used to defeat the boss of the Deepwood Shrine along with the mini-boss of the Temple of Droplets.

Tri Force Heroes

The Gust Jar in Tri Force Heroes functions similarly to its The Minish Cap counterpart. It can be used to blow other Links across gaps.