Gust Bellows

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Gust Bellows
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Blowing away enemies, sand and other objects


"You got the Gust Bellows! It is an ancient and mystical device capable of blowing an endless gust of wind.

If you feel the controls are out of alignment when you are using this item, press [d-pad down] to center them again."

— In-Game Description

The Gust Bellows is an item in Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword

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The Gust Bellows are found within the Lanayru Mining Facility. The item is essentially a jar of air that allows Link to use wind to blow enemies, sand, and other interfering objects out and away.[1][2]

Link can use the Gust Bellows in a side quest in which he assists Pipit's mother, Mallara, by cleaning her dusty home.[3]



  1. "You got your Gust Bellows back! The power to blast a powerful gust of air at anything you choose is yours once again!" — In-Game Description, Skyward Sword.
  2. "The Gust Bellows generates a high- velocity stream of air that can blow away various objects. If you use this new device, my analysis indicates you will have a significantly increased chance of opening a path that was previously blocked to you." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
  3. "You will?! Great! I knew you wouldn't leave me to sit in this dusty house, [Link]. What's that? ...A broom? You know, I don't even remember where we keep the crazy thing... ...Or if we ever owned one... Most of the time I just wait for a good strong wind to come along and blow the dust away. So look, I don't really care how you get the job done--I just want you to blow it all away for me. So I'll just leave you to it, then!" — Mallara, Skyward Sword.