Deepwood Shrine

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Deepwood Shrine

The Deepwood Shrine is the first dungeon in The Minish Cap. It is located deep within the Minish Woods. Link enters it while Minish-sized, so every little enemy here is normal-sized (except for the boss).

As the dungeon is inside a forest, many aspects of the dungeon resemble one. It contains mushrooms, water and bugs. The dungeon item is the Gust Jar, which can suck and blow air. Link uses the Gust Jar to navigate in the lilypads on the water since the Flippers are not available.


Inside the dungeon, two Heart Pieces can be found:




Main article: Madderpillar

Madderpillar will slowly crawl around the room trying to make contact with Link. he can hit the nose of Madderpillar with a sword slash and he will freeze up momentarily, revealing a heart at its backside. Link can run around and slash at the heart with his sword. After a few moments, Madderpillar will turn red and more aggressively run around the room. The battle continues with this same pattern and it will take 16 sword slashes to its heart to defeat it.


Main article: Big Green ChuChu

While this is a regular sized green ChuChu as a human, it appears as a gigantic giant creature when Link is a Minish.