Red Pesto

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Red Pesto

Red Pesto are enemies in The Minish Cap.[1] They are one of two variants of the Pesto, along with the Blue Pesto.

The Minish Cap

Pestos are encountered while Link is in Minish size. The Red Pesto will fly around the room and their only means of attack is to simply fly into Link. The pesto moves rather slow and it will only ever fly in the exact same circular pattern, unless it spots Link, at which point it will charge at him. They appear in wet areas often when Link is riding on a Lilypad. If they hit Link, it could cause Link to fall into the water, although if Link does fall into water, it does not do any additional damage. Link is able to block the pesto with his shield, but can easily dispose of them with two sword slashes.


Pesto-Figurine.png Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. There are red and blue ones. The blue ones are stronger and throw things down on your head.



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