Dark Hyrule Castle

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"So, you've come to stop my little ceremony. Well, you're too late. A mere three more chimes of the bell will bring the ceremony to its end! And with the third toll of the bell, I will become like a god! And your precious Princess Zelda will be nothing more than cold, dead, stone."


Dark Hyrule Castle is the sixth and final dungeon in The Minish Cap. It is the dungeon where Link faces off with Vaati in a desperate attempt to save Princess Zelda from her stone prison and protect the Light Force from falling into the hands of evil itself.

Gaining Entrance

After Link sneaks past the Hyrule Castle Garden guards into the Elemental Sanctuary to upgrade the White Sword to the Four Sword using the fourth and final Element, the Wind Element, he will exit the Sanctuary to find Hyrule Castle's colours radically changed, and stone guards blocking the way. While a Sword Beam from the Four Sword restores the guards to flesh, allowing him to pass, the Dark Hyrule Castle beyond impedes his way to Vaati and Princess Zelda.

Dungeon Overview

As a whole, the dungeon is the former Hyrule Castle perverted by the overflow of Vaati's evil magic, and instead of the castle guards that formerly populated the perimeter and the interior, Vaati's strongest henchmen—the Black Knight among them—take up arms to lay Link to rest.