South Hyrule Field

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South Hyrule Field

South Hyrule Field is a location from The Minish Cap. It is the southern portion of Hyrule Field. It is found west of the Minish Woods and south of Hyrule Town. It is also where Link's House is found, where he lives along with his grandfather, Master Smith.

South Hyrule Field is a large verdant area with a river streaming from south to the Hyrule Town.

In the southwest portion of the South Hyrule Field is a tree that can be bumped into with the Pegasus Boots in order to find a Minish Portal. Once entered, Link will stumble upon the Minish and be able to fuse Kinstones with them. In the northwest portion is a bridge leading to the Western Wood. Beside the bridge and beneath is a breakable wall, which is where a Fairy Fountain is found. Tingle can be found east of Link's house, but can only be interfered after Link has retrieved the Cane of Pacci.