Hyrule Town

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This article is about the town found in The Minish Cap. For the town found in other games, see Castle Town.
Hyrule Town

Hyrule Town is a location in The Minish Cap. It is much like Castle Town from other The Legend of Zelda games. It is a large, bustling town south of Hyrule Castle, and it is filled with shops, houses and useful characters. Four areas lead to Hyrule Town: North Hyrule Field to the north, South Hyrule Field to the south, Trilby Highlands to the west, and Lon Lon Ranch to the east. Once a year, the Picori Festival is held here, which Link and Zelda attend at the beginning of the game.

Locations in Hyrule Town


Heart Pieces

  • There is a Piece of Heart behind the motel that is accessible only in Link's Minish form. Link must shrink to Minish size in the house at the southeast of Hyrule Town, climb the small vine to the northeast and walk around behind the motel. He can enter here, and grow back to human size to obtain the Piece of Heart.
  • Completing the mini-game found in the building with a purple ghost on top of it results in a Piece of Heart. This can only be done after Link has completed the Fortress of Winds.
  • In the Minish hole behind the fountain, there is a stream Link can swim across once he has the Flippers. There is a Piece of Heart on the opposite side of the stream.
  • Link can obtain a Piece of Heart by completing every level of Anju's Cucco game. The Flippers are required for the last round.
  • Once Link has the Four Sword, he can obtain a Piece of Heart that is in the Minish pathway in the schoolyard. He must split into four Links to push the stone forward, granting him access to the Heart Piece along with a couple of treasure chests.
  • When Link receives the Carlov Medal, he can show it to the man on the left of the cafe. He will open his house, and within it, there is a Piece of Heart.


Kinstone Fusions

There are several characters who will always fuse Kinstones with Link in Hyrule Town. They are as follows:

  • The Hurdy-Gurdy Man will fuse with Link, right after he gives Link the Kinstone Bag. This fusion opens a tree containing a Piece of Heart.
  • Mayor Hagen will fuse with Link, draining a pool at Lon Lon Ranch that lead to the Big Wallet.
  • The man with a turban who lives in the house with the yellow roof on the west side of town will fuse Kinstones with Link, creating a portal to the west of Link's house. This portal leads to the Cloud Tops.
  • The Postman will fuse with Link after King Daltus is possessed. This causes Marcy to appear in the post office.
  • Candy, a girl with pigtails at the Inn, will fuse with Link after King Daltus is possessed. This will cause a platform to appear in the water in Trilby Highlands.
  • Farore at the Inn will fuse with Link once he has completed the Fortress of Winds. This will bring Gorman to town, allowing Link to rent out houses to the girls in the Inn.
  • After one house has been rented out, a carpenter named Bremor will be standing by the Post Office. Fusing with him will give the head carpenter the idea to build a new house.
  • Zill, the snotty-nosed boy by the shops in Hyrule Town, will fuse with Link only after he has completed the Fortress of Winds. This will cause a lily pad to appear in Castor Wilds.
  • Mama in the cafe will fuse with Link after the Fortress of Winds has been completed. This creates a platform at Lake Hylia.
  • Librari, the Minish who lives in the Library, will fuse with Link causing a Golden Octorok to appear in the Wind Ruins.
  • After completing the Royal Crypt, Din, Nayru and Farore will all fuse with Link, causing Joy Butterflies to appear.
  • After Completing the Palace of Winds, Tina (the schoolteacher with purple hair) will fuse with Link. This will cause a chest with a red Kinstone piece to appear in Trilby Highlands.