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Ezlo is the main companion met in The Minish Cap. He gives Link tips when he is stuck, and serves as the portal for Link between the human and Minish worlds by allowing him to change size.


He is first met when Link is sent to the Minish Woods to find the Minish to assist in repairing the Picori Blade. After traveling a ways into the woods, Link hears Ezlo's cries for help, as he being attacked by Octoroks. After defeating them and discovering he needs someone to carry him, Ezlo volunteers to travel with Link by becoming his hat.

Ezlo was originally a Minish Sage himself, but when his apprentice, Vaati, stole from the wizard a magic hat that could grant wishes, he was transformed into a cap. At the end of The Minish Cap, once Vaati was defeated, Ezlo changed into his true form once again.


Ezlo has the power to change Link's size into the size of the Minish in order for him to explore their world, using Minish Portals. Also, while he is not in his hat form, he has all the powers of a sage, and is able to close the pathway to the minish realm. Ezlo has the power to change himself from Minish to Human size at will.


  • Despite common belief, the title of The Minish Cap is not a reference to Ezlo. It is actually a magical creation of Ezlo's to grant the wearer a single wish.
  • Ezlo only shows his face when he is talking to Link. All other times, his sprite on Link's head looks just like Link's regular sprite in Four Swords.
  • Features of Ezlo in his Minish form can be seen in his hat form, this being the swirl of hair on his head and the appearance of his eyes.