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Madderpillars are enemies in The Minish Cap. They are large caterpillars that roam randomly around a room.

The Minish Cap

Madderpillar first appears in the Deepwood Shrine as the mini-boss. Link can strike its red nose to stun the enemy, which will reveal its red-heart shaped tail. This is the enemies weakness and Link will be able to deliver a number of consecutive sword slashes. However, after a few moments, madderpillar will reawaken and become enraged, causing it to gain speed in its movement for a short period of time. After Link defeats the mini-boss, he awarded with the Gust Jar.

A Madderpillar appears later within the Temple of Droplets as an enemy that guards a chamber which contains the Compass. This time however, the battle is on ice, making it a bit more difficult to maneuver. Later in the dungeon, Link will fight a pair of a madderpillars in the same room, this time in a dark room, requiring Link to use the Flame Lantern to be able to see.

122 Madderpillar
Figurine Madderpillar (TMC).gif Appears in Deepwood Shrine, etc. This caterpillar moves in a zigzag pattern. If you hit on the nose, he gets upset and starts running around.