Red Mulldozer

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Red Mulldozer

Red Mulldozers are enemies in The Minish Cap and one of two variants of the Mulldozer, along with the Blue Mulldozer.

The Minish Cap

Mulldozers are encountered in Deepwood Shrine and Temple of Droplets while Link is in Minish size. The red mulldozer will walk around slowly, only being triggered when Link is in their direct line of sight. Once it spots Link, the red mulldozer will move in an erratic fashion, not necessarily even charging in the direction of Link. If Link uses his shield on a moving mulldozer, it will spin in a circle, making it very vulnerable to Link's attacks. The red mulldozers will often drop Rupees as reward.


Mulldozer-Figurine.png Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. There are red and blue ones. They may look small and weak, but their hard shells make them formidable.


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