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The Flippers, also known as the Zora's Flippers, are a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series.

A Link to the Past


"Zora's Flippers
First of all, Link needs to have the Power Glove in order to travel to Zora's Falls. Once Link arrives there, Zora will appear to him and asks what he wants. If Link has 500 Rupees to spare, he should ask for the Flippers. After he receives the Flippers, Link will be able to swim in even the deepest of water. Buy them as soon as possible.

The Flippers in A Link to the Past are known as the Zora's Flippers. Zora's Flippers can be bought at the remarkable price of 500 Rupees at Zora's Waterfall. With the Flippers, Link gains the ability to swim. This expands the amount of areas Link can reach by water greatly as he is no longer limited to shallow water.

Link's Awakening

The Flippers in Link's Awakening are found in Angler's Tunnel. The Flippers allow Link to swim in deep water. Link can find items in certain places and underwater passages. As soon as Link receives the Flippers, Link will always be able to swim in deep water. Meaning that the Flippers are automatically used by Link, instead of having to press a button to use it.

Oracle of Seasons

Link can obtain the Zora's Flippers in Oracle of Seasons by passing the test of the Master Diver in the Sunken City. The Zora's Flippers are used to traverse deep waters and are required for accessing key areas of the game's narrative.

Oracle of Ages

The Flippers in Oracle of Ages, called Zora's Flippers, are found under Cheval's Tomb. The Flippers allow Link to swim in deep water. The flippers are later replaced by the Mermaid Suit, which allows Link to dive underwater.

The Minish Cap

Obtaining the Flippers in The Minish Cap

In order to get the Flippers in The Minish Cap, Link needs to complete the mini-quest to get the three books and return them to the Library. Link can climb the books to get to the Minish here and he will drop Link down into a cave-like area. Link can then navigate his way to the Flippers. Like in previous games, the Flippers allow Link to swim in water as well as dive down for some secret Rupees or Hearts.

A Link Between Worlds

The Flippers in A Link Between Worlds, called Zora's Flippers, are given to Link by the Zora Queen after returning her Smooth Gem. They function exactly the same as in A Link to the Past; giving Link the ability to swim in deep water. Link can dive by pressing the A button and swim faster by repeatedly pressing the B button. Unlike A Link to the Past, Link does not have to find a dock to jump back onto land.