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Basket - LTTPGBA inventory.png
Inventory icon of the basket


Holds items for Riddle Quest





10 Medals of Courage obtained in Four Swords within the same save file, speak to Q. Bumpkin

Used by


The basket[1] is an optional item found in the GBA remake of A Link to the Past.

A Link to the Past (GBA)

The basket can be acquired from Q. Bumpkin, brother of the Twin Lumberjacks. If the save file has data for the companion game, Four Swords, in which Link has collected 10 medals, Bumpkin gives Link the basket. This item is part of the Riddle Quest, and is needed to complete it - Link must use the Bug-Catching Net to pick up items to place in the basket.

The reward for completing this quest is the Hurricane Spin.


  1. "Take this basket. Put whatever you think the right item is in it and bring it to me." — Q. Bumpkin, A Link to the Past (GBA).