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This article is about the twice-upgraded Master Sword from A Link to the Past. For the twice-upgraded Kokiri Sword from Majora's Mask, see Gilded Sword.
Golden Sword
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Pyramid of Power (A Link to the Past)
Lost Woods (Ancient Stone Tablets)


Defeating Ganon


The Golden Sword is a sword from A Link to the Past. It is the final form of the Master Sword, and is theoretically the strongest sword in the entire franchise due to being a direct upgrade of the former.


Despite being derived from the Master Sword, the Golden Sword has a radically different design. The Triforce emblem on the blade is upside-down and closer to the cross-guard, which is green and appears sleeker and straight-edged; the central jewel is also missing. The ricasso is much less prominent in the blade, the grip is now black, and the pommel is green.

In A Link Between Worlds, the Golden Sword appears identical to the Master Sword, except with a golden blade.

A Link to the Past

"Golden Sword
The Fat Faerie, who resides within the Dark Pyramid, is the only one who can give Link the Golden Sword. Link should toss the Tempered Sword into her pond. The Fat Faerie will ask Link if he dropped the Sword. Remember, always respond to Faeries with a truthful answer.

The Golden Sword can be obtained at the Mysterious Pond inside the Pyramid of Power, which can be accessed using the Super Bomb. If Link throws the Tempered Sword into the pond, the Cursed Fairy will appear, and ask if it is Link's: if he says yes, the Fairy remarks that she likes honest people and will give him something better in return, upgrading the sword into the Golden Sword.[1]

The Golden Sword deals double damage compared to the Tempered Sword, making it four times stronger than the Master Sword, and eight times stronger than the Fighter's Sword; in the SNES version, it is also the only weapon capable of damaging Ganon with normal strikes, instead of requiring a Spin Attack. In the GBA version, the sword will break Jars and Skulls with its swings.

A Link Between Worlds

The Golden Sword appears in A Link Between Worlds, though it is referred to as the Master Sword Lv3. Link can forge the Master Sword Lv2 into the Lv3 blade at the Blacksmith's Forge in Lorule, which requires two pieces of Master Ore.

Ancient Stone Tablets

In Ancient Stone Tablets, the Golden Sword is located in the Lost Woods, kept in the pedestal where the Master Sword was. The sword is only available during Week 4, and the entrance is blocked off by a soldier - Link must have completed Level 7 before he can get past.

Once obtained, rental shops no longer offer an upgraded level for the sword.