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Captain's Sword
Sprite of the Captain's Sword




Attacking enemies


The Captain's Sword,[1][2] also known as the Forgotten Sword,[3][4] is a sword from A Link Between Worlds. It is the first and weakest sword in the game, and is only used until Link finds the Master Sword.

During the initial events of A Link Between Worlds, Link finds the Blacksmith in his house forging a sword for the Captain. After speaking with the Blacksmith and Link, the Captain soon departs the house, leaving his sword on the table. The Blacksmith's Wife soon realizes this[5], and the Blacksmith tasks Link with delivering the sword to the Captain at Hyrule Castle.[6]

After being unable to locate the Captain at Hyrule Castle, one of the soldiers informs Link that he can be found at the Sanctuary to the north.[7] Before Link can enter the Sanctuary and deliver the sword, the doors forcefully close, preventing him from entering. After finding a secret passageway inside, Link discovers the Captain has been turned into a painting on the wall by Yuga.[8] The Captain remains this way for the rest of the game, allowing Link to use the sword until he finds the Master Sword.[9]



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