Sanctuary (A Link Between Worlds)

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The Sanctuary is a location in northern Hyrule in A Link Between Worlds. Inside, the Priest can be found, along with his daughter, Seres.

Link first encounters the Sanctuary after he is tasked by the Blacksmith with returning the Captain's Sword to the Captain. When Link arrives there, he speaks with Seres and Dampé outside. After hearing of Link's task, Seres hurries inside to get the Captain. However, soon after the door is locked shut, and Link has to use a secret passage in the Graveyard which leads into the Sanctuary. After Link does so and makes his way through some treacherous sewers, he finally arrives, just in time to see Yuga transform Seres into a painting. Link attempts to fight Yuga, but Yuga jumps into the wall behind him.

There is a Weather Vane located just outside the Sanctuary, where Link can save his progress. Furthermore, he can use the bell given to him by Irene to warp here from any part of Hyrule.