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Captain of the Guard





Captain of the Guard, also known simply as the Captain, is a character featured within A Link Between Worlds. Early on in the quest the Captain visits the Blacksmith's house where Link first encounters him. He leaves the Blacksmith's house, forgetting to take the Forgotten Sword. Link is given the task of taking the sword to Hyrule Castle. However, when Link arrives at the Castle, the Castle Guard explains that the Captain has gone to the Sanctuary.

Upon arriving at the Sanctuary, Link meets up with Dampé and Seres, the daughter of the Priest. The Captain is inside the Sanctuary speaking with the priest at the time. It is hinted that there is a romantic connection between the Captain and Seres. Seres soon enters the Sanctuary and a loud scream is heard. After Link travels through the underground passage to reach the inside of the Sanctuary, he finds that Yuga has come to capture Seres. The Captain can be seen in a Painting form along the wall to the left.