Masked Follower (Female)

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Masked Follower
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The Masked Follower is a member of the Masked Followers from A Link Between Worlds. After Link completes Thieves' Hideout, she stands by the group's leader, the Masked Elder, in western Thieves' Town. She complains about her mask making things hard to see and that she can't tell what kind of monster Link is supposed to be.[1] She asks him if he is the Thief Girl, because she knows that the girl is supposed to be locked up.[2] She also discusses the main ideals of the masked group, such as feeling calm as a monster and becoming saved as a result.[3]


  1. "I can't see a thing in this mask! Just what kind of monster are you supposed to be?!" — Masked Follower, A Link Between Worlds
  2. "You're not that thief girl, are ya? I heard you were supposed to be locked up inside a cell somewhere!" — Masked Follower, A Link Between Worlds
  3. "What a mask you got there! Being a monster is so calming, ya know?! Don'tcha think? Well, don'tcha?! EH?! The only way to get saved is to become a monster! C'mon! Get saved! Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo..." — Masked Follower, A Link Between Worlds