Milk Bar Owner (Lorule)

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Milk Bar Owner
Milk Bar Owner - Lorule ALBW.png




Owner of Lorule's Milk Bar




The Milk Bar Owner is the owner of Lorule's Milk Bar in A Link Between Worlds.

He appears to hate being forced to serve customers. When Link speaks to him, the Milk Bar Owner tells him to go away and complains about how everyone is taking refuge in his shop due to the monsters that have taken over much of Lorule.[1] He yells that it "really gets his goat."[2] The Milk Bar Owner says that he just wants to drink his milk in peace and wishes everyone would leave.[3]



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  3. "I just want to drink a little bit of milk in peace! Why can't everyone just leave me alone and scram?!" — Milk Bar Owner, A Link Between Worlds