Dungeon Bros

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Dungeon Bros
Dungeon Bro 1.png
The Younger Dungeon Bro






Racing Bros (Hyrulean Counterparts)

The Dungeon Bros are a pair of characters that appears in A Link Between Worlds. They are brothers who appear to enjoy searching for treasure. Link finds them by cutting down the grass over top of a hidden hole in Lorule's field just northwest of the Vacant House. The younger Dungeon Bro is right next to the entrance tells they are planning on obtaining the treasure found in the grove, and he might as well go home.[1] The puzzle involves dashing behind gates that go down after hitting a timed switch, which will reappear once time runs out. As Link uses the Pegasus Boots to dash through the timed gates, he meets the second Dungeon Bro, who is panting heavily after dashing and reveals he is having some trouble being fast enough.[2] Once Link makes it to the end of the puzzle and obtains the treasure, both brothers are impressed and compliment his dashing.[3] The second brother says that there is no where that Link couldn't go.[4] However, the second thinks that Link is cheating because no one can beat his brother.[5]



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