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Lorule is the alternate world found within A Link Between Worlds. It is represented by the upside-down Triforce in the game's logo. Lorule is a parallel world to Hyrule.[1] Hilda is the princess of Lorule in comparison to Zelda, princess of Hyrule. Many characters in Hyrule have counterparts in Lorule. Link travels here over the course of his journey by going through Fissures that have formed as a result of Yuga's plan. Yuga is the Lorule counterpart of Impa while Ravio is the Lorule counterpart of Link. Although Ravio is encountered in Hyrule he escaped to Hyrule from Lorule.


Lorule was once a beautiful country like Hyrule, protected by its own Triforce.[2] However, the desire for the Triforce was too strong amongst the people, and an endless war overtook the kingdom.[3] The royal family decided to end the war by completely destroying the golden power.[4] Though their intentions were good, the land could not prosper without their Triforce.[5] Lorule is now in a dead state, with many large holes that have separated sections of the kingdom and made traveling the whole area normally impossible.[6]


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Link first arrives in Lorule shortly after his second battle with Yuga. He finds the first Fissure encountered in the game in Zelda's office behind a curtain. After cutting down the curtain and entering the Fissure using his Merge ability, Link finds Yuga with portraits of the Seven Sages of Hyrule.[7] Using the Sages' powers, he summons Ganon and combined with him, obtaining the Triforce of Power.[8] However, just as Yuga Ganon is about to defeat Link, Princess Hilda, the ruler of Lorule, appears and holds the beast back with her magic.[9] She introduces herself and welcomes Link to the kingdom before warping them both to a place of safety.[10] While there, she asks Link to rescue the Seven Sages, who have been sent to various dungeons around Lorule, so that he can defeat Yuga.[11]

By entering through various Fissures, Link travels all around Lorule and rescues his friends, finally obtaining the Triforce of Courage. Hilda aids him along to way, often sending him telepathic hints. However, once he reaches the Throne Room of Lorule Castle, he discovers that Hilda has been working with Yuga in order to steal Hyrule's Triforce and restore her own kingdom.[12] However, Link manages to defeat Yuga, even after he betrays Hilda and steals the Triforce of Wisdom from her. Though Hilda still wants to steal their Triforce, Ravio appears and manages to convince Hilda to return the Triforce to Zelda.[13][14] She takes them to Lorule's Sacred Realm, where the first Fissure between the worlds was found, and sends them home.[15][16] Once Link and Zelda return home from Hyrule, they wish on their own Triforce for Lorule's Triforce to be restored, and Lorule is saved.


Monsters are extremely common in Lorule, especially Moblins. Most of the human inhabitants are near-identical counterparts to people living in Hyrule, and the majority of them live in Thieves' Town. Most Loruleans have also joined the Masked Elder and become Masked Followers, who believe that becoming one of the monsters by wearing a mask is the only way to be saved.[17][18] Many others instead became thieves under the jurisdiction of Stalblind.

Points of Interest

Lorule Castle

Main article: Lorule Castle

Lorule Castle is Princess Hilda's home. It can be found in the center of the kingdom. A barrier prevents Link from entering it throughout most of the game, but Hilda removes it once he possesses the Triforce of Courage.[19]

Thieves' Town

Main article: Thieves' Town

Thieves' Town is the main residential area of Lorule. Found in the west of the kingdom, the town is the location of the Thieves' Hideout and home to both many thieves and the Masked Followers. Just to the east of it is the Blacksmith's House and to the south is the Bomb Flower Store.

Swamp Palace

Main article: Swamp Palace (A Link Between Worlds)

The Swamp Palace is one of Lorule's dungeons. It is south of the Vacant House.

Death Mountain

Main article: Death Mountain

Death Mountain spans across the north, in the same location as its Hyrulean counterpart of the same name. It houses the Treacherous Tower and the Ice Ruins.

Dark Palace Grounds

Main article: Dark Palace Grounds

As the resting place of the Dark Palace, the Dark Palace Grounds are guarded by former Lorulean soldiers, who ran away when the kingdom was destroyed.[20]

Misery Mire

Main article: Misery Mire

Misery Mire is a large swamp situated in the southwest of Lorule that resembles the Desert of Mystery from Hyrule. Although the actual dungeon, the Desert Palace, is in Hyrule, Link fights its boss, Zaganaga, in the mire.

Lorule Lake

Main article: Lorule Lake

Link traverses the Lorule Lake in the southeast to enter Turtle Rock.

Skull Woods

Main article: Skull Woods (Location)

The Skull Woods are the home of a dungeon of the same name. They are in the northwest.

Lorule Graveyard

Main article: Lorule Graveyard

The Lorule Graveyard covers a small area that lines up with Hyrule's graveyard and the Sanctuary.


  • The name Lorule is likely a play on words using the opposite of Hyrule (High-rule and Low-rule).
  • Lorule features many of the characters featured in Hyrule but with a darker personality; for example, Hilda is the counterpart to Zelda.


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