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Zaganaga is the boss of the Desert Palace in A Link Between Worlds. It is a sandworm whose body is shaped like a cactus, and mouth is shaped like a cactus flower.


The battle with Zaganaga requires frequent use of the Sand Rod. Most of the battle area is covered in sinking sand. If Link falls, he will take damage. Zaganaga burrows itself under the sand and comes up on top of a pillar. Link must use the Sand Rod in order to make his way towards Zaganaga and slice it with his sword. Meanwhile, Zaganaga summons minions that fly around the area and try and hit Link, causing him damage.

After Zaganaga takes so much damage, it begins his second phase. It opens up its "petals," revealing many eyes inside. In this phase, Zaganaga gets a new attack. It can now shoot a giant beam towards Link. However, once it aims with the beam, it does not move its shot until it resurfaces again, allowing Link to get behind or to the side of it in order to deal it damage. A few more hits with the sword and Link finally slays Zaganaga.


Link is rewarded with a Heart Container for defeating Zaganaga. Also, once Zaganaga is defeated, the sand disappears, letting Link save Irene.