Arrghus (A Link Between Worlds)

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This article is about the boss of the Swamp Palace in A Link Between Worlds. For similar bosses, see Arrghus (Disambiguation).

Arrghus is the boss of the Swamp Palace in Lorule found within A Link Between Worlds.[1]


Initially, Arrghus is covered by a series of eyes surrounded by a liquid that protects them. In order for the Link to damage them, he must use the Hookshot to grab the eyes and be able to hit them with the sword. Arrghus may also attack by shooting the eyes with a beam towards Link.

After all of the eyes covering Arrghus have been eliminated, Arrghus must be hit in order to be defeated. It will try to damage Link by jumping into him or by shooting beams from its eye. After Arrghus has been defeated, he will reward Link with a Heart Container, as well as Oren's Portrait.