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Dharkstare is the boss of the Ice Ruins in A Link Between Worlds. It is fought on floor B6, the lowest floor of the Ice Ruins.

At the beginning of the battle, Dharkstare encases itself in a block of ice surrounded by three ice crystals. In this form, Dharkstare can attack Link by either flying into him or by trapping him in a triangle of ice created by the three ice crystals. To damage Dharkstare in this form, Link has to use the Fire Rod thrice to melt the ice block around Dharkstare. After the ice block has melted, Dharkstare attempts to run away from Link, and Link can attack it with the Master Sword. After a few hits, another ice block encases Dharkstare. After it has taken some damage, Dharkstare surrounds itself with six ice crystals instead of three, meaning that he can create two triangles of ice to damage Link. After repeating this process a few times, Dharkstare is defeated and Link can claim the painting of Rosso.