Treacherous Tower

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Treacherous Tower
Treacherous Tower ext - ALBW.png





100 Rupees for Beginner
200 Rupees for Intermediate
300 Rupees for Advanced


Reach the final room by defeating all enemies in a room before moving on


The Treacherous Tower is a Mini-Game in A Link Between Worlds. It can be found on Death Mountain in Lorule, exactly where the Tower of Hera is located in Hyrule.


The Treacherous Tower has gameplay similar to the Savage Labyrinth or Cave of Ordeals, pitting Link against a roomful of enemies and only letting him progress when all the enemies are defeated. However, once entered, Link cannot leave the Treacherous Tower unless he dies or emerges victorious.



Beginner Mode consists of five floors and costs 100 Rupees to play. The floors are as follows:

Successful completion of Beginner Mode rewards Link with 300 Rupees. Intermediate Mode is also unlocked.

If Link completes the Beginner Mode another time, and beats his previous record, the Devilish Girl will reward him with a 50 Rupee bonus.


Intermediate Mode consists of fifteen floors and costs 200 Rupees to play. The floors are as follows:

Successfully completing this level rewards Link with 1,000 Rupees and a Piece of Heart when completed for the first time. It also unlocks Advanced Mode.

Completing the mode again and beating Link's previous record earns him a 100 Rupee bonus from the Devilish Girl.


Advanced Mode has fifty floors and costs 300 Rupees to play.

Link earns 5,000 Rupees for successfully completing Advanced Mode, which makes it a very efficient way to gather a lot of Rupees. After his first completion, he earns the Super Lamp. Completing Advanced Mode a second time unlocks the Super Net.

Completing the mode again after the first try and beating Link's previous record rewards him with a bonus of 300 Rupees from the Devilish Girl.