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A Link Between Worlds
Desert Palace


Gimos are enemies from A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes.[1]

A Link Between Worlds

Gimos are Demon Statues that initially appear inanimate. However, when Link comes near, their eyes will turn red and they will begin moving towards him. They share many characteristics as Armos and serve as the Lorule counterpart. Once active, Link can defeat a Gimos with a few sword slashes.

Not all Gimos will come alive when Link draws near. Like Armos, many of these are purely statues that Link can push and pull on. Often times Link once to move them so they are on a floor switch, causing nearby doors or gates to open up.

Tri Force Heroes

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There are multiple variants of the Gimos that appear in both A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes, including the Fire Gimos, Ice Gimos, and Big Ice Gimos.

Fire Gimos

Main article: Fire Gimos

Fire Gimos are a fire variant of the enemy found within Turtle Rock in A Link Between Worlds and the Den of Trials of Tri Force Heroes. These variants are covered in flames and will burn Link if they get too close. Link can remove their flames with the Tornado Rod, or use the Ice Rod to freeze them temporarily, allowing him to use his sword.

Ice Gimos

Main article: Ice Gimos

Found on Death Mountain in A Link Between Worlds, Ice Gimos will freeze Link if he comes too close. Link can use the Fire Rod to defeat them instantly.

Big Ice Gimos

Main article: Big Ice Gimos

These are larger variants of the Ice Gimos, also found on Death Mountain. They will leap in the air and try to crush Link. The Fire Rod works well against them, but will take multiple hits to fully melt these enemies.