Den of Trials

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Den of Trials

The Den of Trials is an optional dungeon in Tri Force Heroes. It was added as DLC on December 2nd, 2015.

The area has Link go through multiple mini-levels, as prominently featured in the other areas in the game. However, instead of solving puzzles, he must simply battle his way to the end of all eight mini-dungeons.

As Link enters the Den of Trials, he is knocked down to one fairy, meaning that he can only lose all of his hearts twice before getting a Game Over. Link is allowed to select an outfit to wear before entering, which he cannot remove or change until he exits the Den of Trials.

Link starts in a woodland area, which he must first warp to using one of the Triforce portals found throughout the game, but gradually progress further into more difficult areas, eventually ending with an extremely challenging area - the Baneful Zone. Throughout the Den of Trials, he also earns more fairies, meaning that he can run out of hearts more times before he gets a game over.

In the final stage of the Baneful Zone, Link and his two teammates must face off against three Shadow Links. After beating the challenging enemies, Link is rewarded with a rare material, and the Fierce Deity Armor, which allows Link to shoot beams in four directions at full health or if he performs a spin attack.