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Flamolas[1] are enemies in A Link Between Worlds.

A Link Between Worlds

Appearing in the Turtle Rock dungeon, Flamolas are made up of molten lava and inhabit a very specific environment.

Flamolas are related to Lanmolas and Swamolas, similar enemies found in the Misery Mire region of Lorule.

Like Swamolas, Flamolas attack Link by randomly jumping out of the lava, usually over steel platforms where Link is walking. Once it is revealed, the Flamola quickly dives back into the lava, giving Link only a small amount of time to defeat them. These enemies cannot normally be defeated with the sword, as their lava bodies hurt Link. Flamolas must first be frozen with a blast from the Ice Rod, and after they are frozen, Link can attack them with the Master Sword.


  1. "Slay or avoid the Flamolas as you move to merge into the room's east wall." — Prima Games A Link Between Worlds Strategy Guide, pg. 251