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Sword Soldiers are sub-types of Soldiers that appear in A Link to the Past, Four Swords Adventures and A Link Between Worlds. More fierce than the average Soldier, these enemies come in multiple variations, which is designated by the color of its armor.

Green Sword Soldier


The Green Sword Soldiers are the most common enemies found in the Light World of A Link to the Past. Unlike standard Green Soldiers, these enemies have a considerable amount of intelligence. They will patrol a particular area back and forth, but if they spot Link or if they hear an unusual sound, then they will charge towards Link.

Despite wielding shields, their actual shields will do nothing in preventing damage from Link's attacks. However, if Link slashes the soldier on its sword side, the sword will deflect the attack and no damage will be done.

Since it can be difficult to get the right angle in attacking these soldiers, Link can use other methods to defeat them. Link can lift up objects such as bushes or pots and toss them at the soldier from a distance. Furthermore, Link can use the Boomerang to stun the enemy before delivering some final blows.

Despite being more aggressive and difficult than standard green soldiers, these enemies have the exact same health and damage capabilities.

Strangely, green sword soldiers can sometimes be found hiding beneath bushes in the overworld. If Link is cutting down bushes, a sword soldier may pop out and immediately attack Link.

Blue Sword Soldier

The Blue Sword Soldiers are nearly identical to their green counterparts. They have the same level of intelligence and the exact same attacking mechanisms. The only difference between the two is that the blue variations have slightly more health. With the standard Fighter's Sword, it will take three sword slashes to defeat these foes. Despite being able to sustain more damage, their attack damage is the same as the Green variation.

Blue Sword Soldiers can be found throughout the Overworld, located in the Eastern Palace Compound and the Great Swamp. After Link has defeated Agahnim for the first time and traveled to the Dark World, Blue Sword Soldiers will start appearing within Kakariko Village, the A Link to the Past, and elsewhere throughout the Light World.