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Hover are enemies that appear in A Link to the Past.


Hover appear exclusively in the Swamp Palace, the second dungeon in the Dark World. These bug-like creatures live in water areas, with their legs having a unique ability to walk on water. They will appear in both shallow water and within deep water.

A Hover will try to attack Link by just moving directly into him. Fortunately, these fellows move rather slowly and their movements are very predictable. A Hover will move in a short burst, before coming to a rest for a few moments and then bursting towards Link again. However, each time it moves, it will always move diagonally. Since these are water-based creatures, if Link makes it to dry land, the Hover is incapable of following him.

Hovers usually travel in groups of at least three of them, but even so, they won't give Link too much trouble. One sword slash with Link's Master Sword will defeat them. If Link comes into contact with them, they will do a full heart of damage.