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Laser Eyes, also known as Eye Beams, are a type of enemy that appears in A Link to the Past.

Laser Eye first appear while Link is navigating through Misery Mire. Laser Eyes appear on the wall with their eyes open. At first, they appear to be completely harmless, but once Link walks in front of a Laser Eye, it will squint its eye, shooting out a long beam in Link's direction. As long as Link stays in line with the Eye, the enemy will continuously shoot laser towards him.

Link is unable to defeat a Laser Eye and they just serve as obstacles that Link needs to get by. In most cases, Link can just continue to walk and as long as he doesn't stop or slow down, the laser eye will miss him. The Pegasus Boots can be used to easily avoid being struck.

When Link encounters Laser Eyes in Turtle Rock, some of them can be found just before doors. Link can block the laser with the Mirror Shield, the dungeon item found within Turtle Rock.

When Link first encounters a Laser Eye, he usually has the Blue Mail by then. Even so, if he gets struck by a laser, two full hearts of damage will be done.