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Toppo are Rabbit-like creatures found within A Link to the Past.

Toppo appear like mutated rabbits with two big claws. They appear in the Great Swamp just south of Link's House. They can only survive in grassy areas, which makes the Great Swamp a perfect home for them. They start off burrowed underground and will then briefly show themselves before jumping into the air. They will then burrow underground again, coming back up at another nearby spot of grass.

While it may appear as if Toppo pop up from random grass locations, each enemy has four spots where it will come up. They will only pop up in a small square area. Picture an imaginary plus sign drawn and the four locations where the Toppo pop up from would be the four ends of that plus sign, all evenly spaced from one another.


Since the Toppo appear in set locations, they aren't much harm at all. Even if they do come in contact with Link, they only do a 1/2 heart of damage. Link can easily defeat a Toppo with one slash from his Fighter's Sword.

While defeating a Toppo will yield a Recovery Heart or Green Rupee, Link can also gain more valuable items from him. If Link slashes one of the pieces of grass where the Toppo comes out from, then the Toppo will still try to come up from that grass, but will get stranded in a helpless position. Link can walk over to the Toppo and speak with him. The Toppo will surrender and call Link a thief. However, Link can earn more valuable items this way, including a Fairy, Red Rupee, a big Magic Jar, Bombs, Arrows, or the same weaker items he could earn beforehand[1].

Once Agahnim has been defeated for the first time, Toppo will no longer appear within the Great Swamp.


  • When Toppo get caught they respond with, All right! Take it, thief!


  1. "All right! Take it, thief!" — Toppo, A Link to the Past.