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Skullropes are enemies from A Link to the Past and Tri Force Heroes.


A Link to the Past


Skullropes are snake-like enemies with a skull for a head. First appearing within Gargoyle's Domain, Skullropes are the Dark World counterparts of Ropes. These enemies are never found naturally as Link progresses through the game. Instead, they are only found in one particular room with Gargoyle's Domain if Link incorrectly pulls a switch. This is reminiscent to when Link pulls an incorrect switch while in the Secret Passage, causing Ropes to fall to the ground.

Like regular Ropes, they attack by dashing towards Link whenever he comes in cite. These are some of the weakest enemies found in the Dark World, doing only a half heart of damage if they come into contact with Link. They can be defeated with one simple slash from Link's Master Sword.

Tri Force Heroes

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