Hyrulian Cemetery

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Hyrulian Cemetery

"The great Hyrulian Cemetery lay just east of the Sanctuary. Buried there, were some of the most famous people in Hyrulian history. It was an eerie and mysterious place, and ghosts seemed always to hover nearby. It was said that some of the tombstones there hid not bodies, but buried treasure. "

"In the upper right corner of the Cemetery was a large plot surrounded by huge stones that separated it from the rest of the markers. Odd stories circulated during Link's time about the Magic Cape buried there. "

A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide

"It was learned that the plot in the upper left wasn't a grave at all-beneath the stone was a mysterious pit."

A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide

"Pushing on the tombstones and breaking down walls sometimes had unexpected results. Only the very brave-or very foolhardy-tried it."

A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide

The Hyrulian Cemetery, also known as the Great Hyrulian Cemetary, is located just east of the Sanctuary in A Link to the Past.

Early in the game before the first battle with Agahnim, the Hyrulian Cemetery will be patrolled by a Green Sword Soldier and a Spear Knight. If Link pushes some of the graves, Poes may come out of some of them. Later in the quest, after Link has defeated Agahnim, the Poes will freely patrol the Graveyard, even before Link pushes any graves.

A secret grave can be found at the northwest corner of the Hyrulian Cemetery. Link will need to have the Power Glove in order to lift the rocks in front of this grave. Pushing the gravestone will reveal a whole and if Link falls down, he will appear back within the Secret Passage that connects Hyrule Castle and the Sanctuary. Now that Link has either Bombs and the Pegasus Boots, he will be able to blowup the secret walls to the west within the Secret Passage. This leads to Link acquiring several goodies from a series of treasure chests.

At the top-right portion of the Cemetery, there is an isolated grave that Link can only access if he has the Titan's Mitt. Although Link can also access this grave from the Dark World, using the Magic Mirror. This particular gravestone cannot be pushed like the other gravestones. Instead, Link must use his Pegasus Boots and dash into the grave to open it up. Doing so reveals reveals a staircase entering the grave. Inside the grave there is a Treasure Chest that contains the Magic Cape.

At the north end of the Cemetery, there is a cave with no apparent way of reaching it. Link can access this cave from the Dark World by using the Magic Mirror. Inside of the cave contains a Piece of Heart.