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Rupee Likes are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are a variation of Like Likes that drain Rupees, much like a Rupoor, rather than eating shields like a normal Like Like. Rupee Likes hide in the ground with only the Rupee-like appendage on top of them visible. When Link walks over them to collect the Rupee, he is instead trapped by the Rupee Like. They steal Rupees at rates depending on the color of the Rupee appendage on top of them.

The Minish Cap

Rupee Likes disguise themselves as a rupee. Once you attempt to grab the rupee they will come up and suck you in. Quickly get away from it before he takes rupees away from you. Most of the time they are located in suspicious spots such as isolated rupee locations.

95 Rupee Like
Figurine Rupee Like (TMC).gif Appears in caves, dungeons, etc. This Rupee Like has a Rupee dangling from its head stalk. This clever lure attracts greedy and delicious heroes.

Phantom Hourglass

Rupee Likes can be found at Spirit Island, at the Isle of the Dead, and then in abundance at the Isle of Ruins. They come in three variants, a Green, Blue, and Red type. The Rupee Likes will steal Rupees that are associated with their color. Thus the Red Rupee Likes are the most dangerous as they can steal 20 rupees at a time. However, once you defeat a Rupee Like, you will earn your rupees back. This isn't always the case, especially for the Rupee Likes that appear near water. Often when they shoot out all the rupees after being defeated, many of them will drop in the water. It is best to keep your distance, defeating a Rupee Likes with Arrows and Bombs.