Cave of Ordeals

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The Cave of Ordeals is an optional 50-floor dungeon in Twilight Princess. It is found within a hole on the Gerudo Mesa deep within the Gerudo Desert. Link can only access the cave after he has removed the obstacle guarding the entrance, which is, conveniently, a section of the broken Eldin Bridge. Each floor has a range of enemies seen throughout the game; however, on certain floors, Link is able to collect a reward from the Great Fairy. Some of the floors change after the 1st time completing it. For example, different enemies, or enemy variations, appear.


Link earns a specific prize, given by the Great Fairy, every 10th floor. On completion of the 10th floor, Fairies are released into Ordon Spring, finishing the 20th floor releases Fairies into the Faron Spring, while completing both the 30th and 40th floor releases Fairies into the remaining springs, Eldin and Lanayru. If Link makes it past the 50th and final floor, he is rewarded with a free Bottle of Great Fairy's Tears.


Floor Enemies & Description
1 1st time: 1× Blue Bokoblin. 2nd time: 1× Red Bokoblin
2 Rats and 3× Keese
3 Baba Serpent. Take note of the 3 on the ceiling.
4 Skulltula
5 Bulblin Archer
6 Lots of Torch Slugs
7 Fire Keese and 2× Dodongo
8 Red Tektite and 2× Blue Tektite
9 1st time: 2× Bulblin Archer, 2× Lizalfos. 2nd time: 4× Bulblin Archer, 3× Lizalfos
10 1st Great Fairy. Fairies now occupy Ordon Spring
11 Helmasaur and lots of Rats
12 1st time: 1× Giant Purple Chu. 2nd time: 2× Giant Purple Chu
13 Chu Worm
14 Lots of Bubbles
15 Lots of Bulblins
16 Rats and Keese
17 Stalhounds, Imp Poe (Only 1st time)
18 Leever
19 Lots of Chus
20 2nd Great Fairy. Fairies now occupy Faron Spring
21 Blue Bokoblin and Ice Keese
22 Rats, Keese, and Ghoul Rats
23 Lots of Stalkin
24 ReDeads
25 Bulblin Archer, 2× Bulblin Archer and a Bulblin Warrior
26 1st time: 3× Stalfos. 2nd time: 5× Stalfos
27 Skulltula and Bubbles
28 Dinolfos and 6× Red Bokoblin
29 Stalfos, Red Bubbles and Stalkin
30 3rd Great Fairy. Fairies now occupy Eldin Spring
31 Beamos and Keese
32 Dodongo, Torch Slugs, Fire Keese and Red Bubbles
33 ReDead, Imp Poe (Only 1st time)
34 Lots of Chus and Ghoul Rats
35 Freezard and Ice Keese
36 1st time: 4× Chilfos. 2nd time: 7× Chilfos
37 Bubbles, Ice Bubbles and Leevers
38 Freezard, 4× Chilfos, Ice Bubbles and Ice Keese
39 1st time: 2× Darknut. 2nd time: 3× Darknut
40 4th Great Fairy. Fairies now occupy Lanayru Spring
41 Armos
42 Red Bokoblin and 6× Baba Serpent
43 Dinolfos and 6× Bulblin Archer
44 Dynalfos, Imp Poe (Only 1st Time)
45 1st time: 5× ReDead, 2× Bulblin Archer, Chus. 2nd time: 5× ReDead and 3× Bulblin Archer
46 Freezard, 3× Chilfos and Ghoul Rats
47 Blue Bokoblin, Lots of hidden Stalkin and Rats
48 Aeralfos, 1× Darknut
49 1st time: 3× Darknut. 2nd time: 4× Darknut

with different colors

50 Link is given a free Bottle filled with Great Fairy's Tears