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The Bridge of Eldin is a location in Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild.

Twilight Princess

The bridge is located to the north-western (Wii) section of Hyrule, in the Eldin Province. The Bridge of Eldin is an important feature within the game as it serves as a crucial connection between two notable provinces and is the scene of one of the games many Mini-Boss fights.

Structure and Appearance

Eldin Bridge Under View.jpg

The bridge itself is one of the main structures and view points seen in Twilight Princess and it is one of two notable bridges within Hyrule, the other being the Great Bridge of Hylia. The structure itself is a large, stone arch bridge that is seemingly unsafe due to the bridge having no barriers and the fact that it is easily broken. It crosses a vast deep gorge in which a section of Zora's River passes through. The bridge itself is rather important within the events of the plot as it connects the Eldin Province to the Lanayru Province.


Saving Colin

Link victorious after the battle with King Bulblin

When Link acquires the Iron Boots, the secret to outmatching the Gorons at sumo wrestling, from Mayor Bo, he needs to return to Death Mountain, thus passing through Kakariko Village. When Link enters the village, a cutscene takes place, showing King Bulblin charging through the village and kidnapping Colin in the process. After damaging King Bulblin's armor in a horseback battle in Hyrule Field, Link and King Bulblin face one-on-one, upon the Bridge of Eldin. Link has to charge at King Bulblin while on Epona and then slice to knock him off the bridge. When Link succeeds in doing so, Colin is returned to Kakariko Village, where he thanks the hero and says he now understands true courage.[1] Colin is then taken to rest within the safe confines of the Elde Inn.

Main article: King Bulblin

Within this boss battle Link must pursue the evil King Bulblin who has kidnapped Link's childhood friend, Colin. King Bulblin blows into his loud horn thus summoning his subordinates who chase after Link as he pursues the King. Link must ride Epona and try to strike Bublin, each strike takes off a piece of his armor, making him more and more exposed. Once he has been damaged enough, King Bulblin loses control and jumps the barrier to enter Eldin Bridge. Link and King Bulblin then face off on opposing ends of the bridge in an epic encounter. Link must sway to the side of Bulblin and strike him as they charge each other. Once Bulblin has been damaged sufficiently, he loses control of his steed and falls off the bridge into the vast gorge and Link is seen heroically holding up his sword while on Epona at the end of the grueling battle.

Finding the Missing Bridge

When Link obtains the second Fused Shadow, he has to cross the bridge to make his way into the Twilight that shrouds Lanayru Province.[2][3] After traversing the gargantuan bridge, a part of the bridge is broken and then warped away by Shadow Beasts.[4] Until that part of the bridge is found, Link can't cross or warp to the bridge. Later on in the game, Link finds the missing piece in the Gerudo Desert. It is located atop the Gerudo Mesa, blocking the entrance to the Cave of Ordeals. Now that he has found it, Midna can warp the bridge back to where it belongs. In doing so, the Bridge of Eldin is once again complete, meaning Link is able to access the bridge as he pleases.

Sky Character

Another point in the game where Link has to return to this area is when he has to find one of the six missing Sky Characters hidden across Hyrule. Link needs the Sky Characters in order to complete the Ancient Sky Book, at Shad's request.[5] One of the characters is situated towards the northern section of the bridge, underneath an Owl Statue. Additionally, Link can bring this Owl Statue to the southern side of the bridge, where he can use it to access a Piece of Heart.

Other Games

Breath of the Wild

Bridge of Eldin - BOTW Wii U.jpg
Main article: Bridge of Eldin (Breath of the Wild)

A very different Bridge of Eldin is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Link's Crossbow Training

Screenshot from Link's Crossbow Training
Main article: Bridge of Eldin: Defender

The Bridge of Eldin also makes an appearance in Link's Crossbow Training, in Level 6-2, which is entitled Bridge of Eldin: Defender. This type of stage is a defender mode. Similar to the boss fight with King Bulblin, Link has to fend off multiple Bublins riding Bullbos while crossing the bridge. Link must try and shoot the Bulblins as well as the Bullbos to earn points. However, if he is hit, Link takes a 100-point deduction. To pass this stage Link must earn a total of 60,000 points.

Super Smash Bros. series

The Bridge of Eldin also makes an appearance in Nintendo's Wii fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is one of the 41 featured stages in the game as well as the third stage from The Legend of Zelda series. The stage is entirely flat, however, reminiscent of the boss battle, King Bulblin charges through the stage. Players must avoid King Bulblin otherwise they are knocked off the stage. After he has passed, the evil Bulblin leader drops a bomb that destroys the middle section of the bridge, again reminiscent of what happens in the main game. After a short while the missing bridge returns via a portal.

In addition this stage is also seen in the versus mode in Brawl, in match 18. Within this match Link encounters Dark Link and once defeated it unlocks the Dark Mountain Forest theme from A Link to the Past.

This stage also appears in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In both cases the stage functions and looks largely the same as it does in Brawl.



  • The Bridge of Eldin is mostly in ruins. However, in early screenshots and trailers, it appeared much more intact.
  • Within Link's Crossbow Training, the Bridge of Eldin appears different in appearance than in Twilight Princess, as there are walls and the bridge isn't in ruins. This may indicate that the game takes place in a different time frame to Twilight Princess.
  • When traversing through Zora's River by boat, Link can look up and see the underneath section of the Bridge of Eldin.
  • In Twilight Princess, there is a common game breaker glitch that causes Link to be stuck on the opposite end of the bridge when trying to reach Lanayru Province. This only happens if Link saves before Link enters the Twilight after the bridge has been destroyed.


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