Rusl's House

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Rusl's House
Rusl's House Exterior.jpg




Rusl's House is a location featured in Twilight Princess. It is the home of Rusl and his family, which includes his wife, Uli, his son Colin and an unborn baby. It is situated to the far southeast (Wii) of Ordon Village.


Link comes across the house in the main plot after he has escaped his imprisonment in Hyrule Castle. He escapes with the aid of a mysterious imp named Midna. Once the duo have escape the castle, they return to Ordona Province. Here, Midna tells the young hero to find a sword and shield,[1] which lie somewhere within Ordon Village. Link, now in Wolf form, must listen in on a conversation with Rusl and Uli, where he finds out that the sword is located within the confines of the house.[2] Link must then carefully sneak past Rusl because now he sees Link as nothing more than a beast.[3] The young hero can then use his Wolf senses to find a small dig spot to the side of the house where he can enter. Within, he finds the Ordon Sword which can be used by Link once he returns to his normal self.


  • In Ordon Village, there is a hidden Orange Rupee, which is located behind Rusl's House. Link needs the Gale Boomerang to obtain it.
  • Within the confines of Rusl's House, there is a small child like drawing of Rusl, Uli, Colin and the new born baby. Due to the amateur like style, this drawing could have been done by Colin.



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