Deep Gorge

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Deep Gorge

The Deep Gorge is a location that appears in Twilight Princess. It is situated in the deepest part of Faron Woods, beside the Forest Temple. The Gorge acts as the only connection between Faron Woods and the Sacred Grove. This is the prime route that Link must take in order to reach the Grove on both occasions.


The first time Link travels here is during the Master Sword quest, as this is the key to unlocking his true form at Princess Zelda's request.[1][2] When first entering the vicinity of the Gorge, Link spots a Monkey running away from a group of injurious Puppets. After defeating the Puppets, the Monkey hints of something hidden deep within the Woods, referring to what Princess Zelda previously said to Link.[3] Link must use Midna's jumping ability to traverse the cliffs that lead up to the Gorge. Link then comes across two platforms which spin depending on the wind, similar in structure to the passages seen previously in the Forest Temple. During the next section, Link, in Wolf form, has to cross two rope segments. Only then does Wolf Link reach the entrance to the Sacred Grove.

Later on in the game, Link has to pass through the Gorge again, when in search of a missing Mirror Shard. Rusl informs Link of a mysterious temple hidden deep within Faron Woods, known as the Temple of Time.[4] This time, Rusl calls upon his partner, a Golden Cucco, to assist Link in reaching his desired destination.[5][6] Before moving forward, Rusl warns him that this task is not simple, but rather difficult if he is not careful enough.[7] Now in Hylian form, Link uses the Golden Cucco to traverse from platform to platform and he has to use the Gale Boomerang to activate the now still bridges. This enables Link to access the Sacred Grove. After this section of the game, Link is able to warp directly to the Sacred Grove, meaning there is no true need to access this area again. In fact, Link is unable to access the Deep Gorge after this section of the game.



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