Ordon Waterwheel

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Ordon Waterwheel

The Ordon Waterwheel is an object from Twilight Princess. It is a wooden wheel attached to Jaggle and his family's house in Ordon Village. It occupies the small stream between the land where the house is and the main village land, slowly turning as the stream's current pushes it.


Besides creating some sort of power, this wheel is only used in-game as an alternate route into Jaggle's house as Wolf Link. When he first escapes from the jail cell with Midna, he must sneak into Jaggle's house by climbing up the waterwheel and dropping down through the roof to obtain the Ordon Shield.[1]



  1. "You listening? Look for a sword and shield that'll suit me. Got it? Sounds like there should be a shield at the house with the waterwheel. Sneak in there and take it, will you?" — Midna, Twilight Princess.