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The entrance to the STAR Tent





"Play the STAR game that's all the rage in Hyrule! Don't you want to be a STAR, too?"

— Sign outside the STAR Tent

The STAR Tent is a location in Twilight Princess. It is situated on the east road of Castle Town.[1] Inside the tent is where the STAR Game is held. The place is run by its owner, Purlo, and is where Link can take on a game for a mere price of 10 Rupees.[2] When Link has completed the mini-game, the STAR Game, there will be three girls outside the tent, Hannah, Misha and Kili, who will scream and drop three Recovery Hearts when Link talks to them. The STAR Game is set in a cage and the three girls will cheer Link on whenever he plays it.



  1. "Ladies and gentlemen! The STAR game that has swept Hyrule by storm is now available in Castle Town! Even those of you who have beaten it once will find all new challenges and thrills! Come find us in the tent on the east gate road! We'll be waiting!" — Purlo, Twilight Princess.
  2. "Care to play the STAR game for a mere 10 Rupees?" — Purlo, Twilight Princess.